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16 Jul

“As far as that whole process goes, it was a collaborative process,” he said around mark.

Nicki Minaj’s famous exes Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels could soon be heading into the ring for a serious showdown.

Nicki's ex thinks it's about time she dropped the Philly rapper because their relationship was always a better look for Meek than her ... The rep tells us Safaree thinks Meek did zilch to boost Nicki's career.

Case in point, she didn't release a single new album during nearly 2 years of dating him.

Safaree Samuels, 35, thinks it’s about time Nicki dumped Meek because their relationship was “always a better look for Meek than her,” a rep for Safaree told the site!

Because in the last month, we were just going through all the songs and stuff and then I found out that there was two songs with him on the album.” Safaree said he had an intuition that the collaborations were becoming romantic behind the scenes.

Nicki Minaj won't be single for long if she gets on the horn with her ex-fiance and producer, Safaree Samuels ...

who's open to rekindling things, and also throwing major shade at Meek Mill.

He believes the relationship was better for the Philly rapper, as is evidenced by Minaj not releasing an album in two years with little more music than a few singles.

Safaree and Nicki had a rough breakup after more than a decade of dating.