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07 Feb

When you sign into a hot spot you'll likely be offered the option to sign into the location automatically the next time you're nearby.

An icon on screen indicates the strength of the connection, usually by displaying a number of bars.

Free programs such as Meta Geek's in SSIDer for Windows and i's i Stumbler for Macs provide more information about the wireless networks they detect and also offer tools for troubleshooting and otherwise managing a wireless network connection.

You can find a free Wi-Fi access point near a location you're planning to visit by using one of the many hot-spot locator services.

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You're at a rest stop on the side of the road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. You turn on your computer and have instant, secure access to the Internet without requiring any network cables or log-ins -- or even any payment to an ISP. Ubiquitous, free, and safe Internet access is a long, long way off, and many skeptics believe such a day will never arrive.

The glass-half-full among us will point out that the number of people within range of free, secure Internet connections increases every day.