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25 Jun

The better of Matt Fraction’s books, while full of character, have tended to have a wry sharpness to them – but is unironically, honestly warm.

And while Suzie and Jon might indeed technically be the “sex criminals” of the title – in that they use the near-unique abilities afforded to them by sex to commit a crime – they’re also two lovely, well-drawn and deeply human characters.

The Clark County School Board is expected to approve a 0,000 settlement on Thursday for a 2013 federal case in which two teachers were accused of intoxicating and raping a 16-year-old student at Basic High School.

The settlement marks the end to a lengthy legal battle of a high-profile case that prompted a change in state law to forbid teachers from having sex with current or former students.

It is intended to confront all those ravages of life-ageing, for example-that otherwise make for lessening of men's senses of who they are.

Women weren't allowed freedom when it came to expressing desire and were expected to internalise this attitude as part of their being. It is a sign of the times that the prude could also be a man. The making of the male-prude is the making of our times.

Virility and, much more importantly, talking about it, has been an important index of masculinity.

A theatre director, actor, playwright and designer, Heng's productions are concerned with identity, migration and gender and sexual politics within intercultural contexts.

They have played festivals and theatres in more than 20 cities around the world including Melbourne International Arts Festival, New Zealand International Arts Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, ICA International Festival of the Chinese Diaspora (London), Hong Kong City Festival, Royal Tropical Institute (Netherlands), SIETAR Congress (Munich), WOTM Conference (Belgium) and Re: Map Festival (Copenhagen).