Male chat flirt italia

23 Jul

Moreover, they enjoy doing this together with their partner.Only 5% of Dutch men said they hated the daily walk to the supermarket.Your English is excellent – Parli benissimo l’inglese (informal) or Parla benissimo l’inglese (formal) 4.You’re charming/enchanting – Sei affascinante (to a male) or Sei incantevole (to a female) 5.They use many beauty products and 84% think it’s important to look good.

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I prefer to refer to it as a casual and short romantic experiment.

Here are five very simple phrases that can be used whether you’re chasing a boy or a girl, a gentleman or a lady, a spring chicken or mature vintage…

The Italians do flirting like no other nation in the world so you need to be prepared with at least a little linguistic reciprocity!

Out of boredom I turned on my i Pad and proceeded to surf the internet. I ended up on and this led me to a blog site, where the following caught my eye. The catchphrase was the following: “The Dutch are notorious for being tall, reserved and handsome – and lousy flirts…expat women in the Netherlands express constant frustration; they can expect more attention from a Dutch sack of bricks than its construction worker wingma”.

and funny indeed, though verging slightly on the offensive. I like to think of myself as somewhat of an amateur social analyst.