Letters of updating sales tax exemption

14 Jan

(Exemption from sales taxes is made under state law rather than Federal law.) The Internal Revenue Service does not provide a tax-exempt number.

A government entity may use its Federal TIN (taxpayer identification number), also referred to as an EIN (Employer Identification Number), for identification purposes.

For example, applications for grants from a private foundation or a charitable organization generally require this information as part of the application process.

In addition, donors frequently ask for this information as substantiation that the donor’s contribution is tax deductible, and vendors ask for this to substantiate that the organization is exempt from sales or excise taxes.

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Government entities are frequently asked to provide a tax-exempt number or “determination” letter to prove its status as a “tax-exempt” or charitable entity.

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Any social, civic, religious, political subdivision or educational organization can apply for a sales tax exemption by completing Form 1746, Missouri Sales Tax Exemption Application.

This form lists the information needed to verify the organization is indeed a tax-exempt non-profit organization.

A resale certificate is a written statement signed by a buyer (or customer) and provided to the seller (feel free to insert company name here instead of "the seller").

This document is evidence that 'the buyer' has purchased goods for resale and not for their own use.