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13 Jan

Lauren’s parents both were members of the Australian national team in the 70s.

Thus, Lauren (or LJ, as she’s commonly referred to) was exposed to basketball at a high level from an early age.

In the history of women’s basketball there is a small, select group of influential women who have become household names due to their legendary game.

When Australian forward Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm scored her 5,000th point in record time, not only did she carve a place for herself in the annals of WNBA history, she presented a justifiable opportunity to raise the proverbial question – when all is said and done, could Lauren Jackson be regarded as the best female basketball player of all time?

"They can't just have babies, get married, have children, and then come back and play.

And I think that's something that is hard."Men, they don't have to really worry about that.

Maree was so dominant a center during the late 1970s and early 80s that she was called the female Wilt Chamberlain.

Lauren’s father, three inches taller than his wife, owned a laser-like jumper and also played for Australia’s national team (the men go by the nickname “Boomers”), though he was never a big star. Both parents coached youth teams in New South Wales province during Lauren’s childhood.

At two years, she was guaranteeing Australia would win Olympic gold with her help.

Don’t forget, when the founding fathers protested “no taxation without representation,” the only people they thought should have a vote were property-owning white men.

The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was ratified in 1920.

They can have a break, they can rehab their bodies."We just never have time to do it.

So that will be good when it changes."Between 20, Jackson, despite being "deathly afraid of flying", split her time between Seattle, Canberra, Russia, Spain, South Korea and China, where she tore her ACL in 2013.