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10 Apr

He didn't get the part, although he did land the role of a gay man on ABC's acclaimed Brothers & Sisters."I had been offered gay roles before, and oftentimes the writing was very trivial," he says. Written by a Canadian Liam Card (who hosted the first ever Smut Soiree – what’s up Liam! Full Story It was a star studded carpet last night for Filth & Wisdom as all tried to gain Her Madgesty’s favour. It’s the establishment where women who work there shove their titties in mens’ faces for extra tips. turns out life is kinda the sh*ts for Smith Jerrod, even after the success of the Sex & the City movie because Jason Lewis has resorted to getting paid for low budget appearances AFTER the release of the film. Full Story The Venetian opened a new tower last night in Vegas and celebrities were on hand to commemorate the occasion. The girl probably needed a break, if only to let her bitch out on her staff.He has proved his worth as an actor and his career has been a grand success.He has a whooping net worth of 4 million dollars and this proves his worth as an actor.

He is an extremely tall man as he has a height of 6 feet 1 inch, which is around 1.85 meters.

Jason Lewis appeared on set in New York today looking REALLY good. Full Story Remember last year Hot Harry on a Horse was doing some army training in Calgary and he hooked up with a few tarty skanks at Cowboys? But word is, last night his eyes were buggin’ outta his head and according to more than a few people watching him navigate that carpet, he was “cranked up on something”. Instead, on Saturday, my sources say she treated everyone, including Aaron Eckhart and the film’s director, to dinner at the Teahouse in Stanley Park – a lovely gesture. Fresh off shooting in Malibu for the Sex & The City movie with Kim Cattrall, here’s Jason with Willie Garson on the carpet. Full Story Aside from Sean Avery, most of the attendees at the D&G opening today were total quivers including a scruffy Josh Lucas, the aforementioned hotness Jason Lewis, and Rufus Sewell who does not get enough love because he is always, always the bad guy. Poor Courteney’s been letting her shoulder get wet for over 2 years.

Also Chace Crawford and the panty exploding piece of shamef&cking hotness known as Chuck Bass. For now…others paying their respects at court: The beautiful Brooke Shields who, at 2 years older, still looks 10 years YOUNGER than Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman. As the production does not officially end for another 3 weeks, Jen will be missing the traditional wrap party with cast and crew. Full Story Word is Jen and BFF Courteney Cox are on the outs – something about Jen wanting Courteney to visit her on the set of her new movie and Courteney refusing to jump.

The night didn't end there though as afterwards Lauren invited the muscle hunk to take part in a charity initiative at the National Tennis Centre to hit some balls in aid of the Starlight Foundation and Variety.

Sharing another shot of Jason, the pair posed with a gang of others, including Lachland, in a photo that was captioned: 'Our mate @dylanalcott is playing tennis for 24 hours for the Starlight Foundation and Variety...