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02 Jul

Diddy allegedly grabbed her phone and started scrolling through it before getting out of the car with the phone, and Cassie took off with the driver.

Things only got crazier from there after Diddy headed home a short time later and returned Cassie's phone to her before leaving again.

If the proof is in the music mogul’s recent Instagram post then chances are the couple are heading towards matrimony. ” Diddy, 44, captioned a photo Saturday of a blinged out engagement ring.

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Without verbally acknowledging the hype that she might be pregnant, Cassie quietly responded to the rumors by sharing even more photos.

Usually, the ex-wife or ex-girlfriend comes along on the family trips with the ex-husband and his new wife or his new girlfriend, such as in the case of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, and Will’s ex. Meanwhile, present girlfriend Cassie is nowhere in sight. And it would have been painfully disturbing to see the latest photos of Kim Porter and P. Some say this is how it is done in Hollywood, and that the common folk have no idea what their world is like.

In one paparazzi photo, Kim Porter is dressed in a brightly colored bikini with her foot placed affectionately on P. In another photo, Kim Porter is sitting on the floor with one leg crossed over one knee as Diddy sits facing her. Think about it this way: As night falls and the children are asleep, what’s going on between P. The breathtaking night views and the still calm would make for a sensual romantic setting.

Next up for Diddy is the “Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour,” which is now set to start Sept.

, the longtime couple started arguing in the car after Cassie told Diddy she wanted to break up with him.