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06 Jun

Ozzy, Sierra and Mikayla take the lead for their tribe. Everyone sings Ozzy’s praises at his performance during the challenge.Debbie gets the balls quickly adding to tribe Nuku’s lead. Jeff thinks he is too strong and needs to go home next.If it truly was an unscripted, shocking moment, it would have been edited out. Of course GLAAD is all over this -- though they ADMIT they had MONTHS to sculpt the message.

While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our Survivor news, spoilers, recaps & more, right here! She plays up how terrible Exile was not letting on to anyone that she had it great.

His original Maraamu tribe was outnumbered by members of the original Rotu tribe 7–3.

Since the Rotu tribe thought that Mariano caused too much drama in camp and that he was the biggest threat of the remaining Maraamu tribe members (the others being Vecepia Towery and Sean Rector), he was the first Maraamu tribe member targeted.

Mariano was born in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, and raised in Canton, Massachusetts.

He graduated Xaverian Brothers High School from 1996, where he played golf, softball, and hockey.