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13 Feb

My anger makes me want to lash out – to vilify and insult people who understand love differently than I do. Because the most revolutionary thing we can do is simply. YOU ARE INVITED TO MEET AND KNOW AND LOVE EACH OTHER.

Many of us people of the light—many of us Love Warriors have been alternating between those two responses. As my sister Liz says: It was time to stop Destroying and start Creating. We gathered all the people we are being encouraged to fear into one place so we can learn from each other.

Not only was he excited to see this woman, Megan, who he had feelings for, but he’d gotten to know a lot about her family; especially Megan’s younger sister Abbey, who is supposed to be a painting prodigy.

When Nev arrives in Michigan to meet them all he doesn’t find Megan at all, but instead a married 40-year-old woman named Angela who had made up the whole cast of characters.

You would know all that and more if you followed Rodgers and the NFL at all for the past 18 months since the two started dating, including a cover story last week in Sports Illustrated.

I just wish Rodgers would stop shoving his heterosexuality in my face.

That’s bulls—.” In the letter, Crawford details her lifelong friendship with Houston before the music and fame: “I met her when she was 16. I was working at a community center in East Orange, New Jersey, and she was working just like the rest of us. She introduced herself as “Whitney Elizabeth Houston,” and I knew right away she was special.

Vince implies that Angela is like those catfish because life would be “dull and boring if we didn’t have someone nipping at our fins.” Vince’s story comes from a tradition of Christian writers, with the earliest known version by Henry W.

Or will we decide to defy our own fear – to reach out and draw each other closer? Because what we see in each other’s eyes is OURSELVES.

Will we decide that the solution is to succumb to our own fear — to huddle deeper into our corners?? Actually I call it my “fire” – my therapist calls it anxiety – tomato/tomahto. When we draw near, when we listen hard and look hard at each other, we fall in love.

This moment is utterly loaded with meaning and possibility. I don’t mean just politically – I mean in our hearts, in our homes and our neighborhood and schools and cities and world. And this time in our country is – how can we say – NOT HELPING. Reading and listening and wondering how all of this fear mongering is affecting our collective hearts and what it means for our children and future. My fear makes me want to pretend it’s not happening and say: NOTHING. Because you guys, here’s the secret: Fear Can’t Survive Proximity.