Iowa state law mandating license for maintenance employees of schools

03 Aug

limited to the following provisions:(1) school employees, volunteers, and students in school, on.of child maintenance, frequently uses pejorative language blaming "absent fathers" for not taking responsibility for their children, ignoring the fact that many separated parents are not absent through choice.On April 17, 2017, the State of Iowa transitioned to a new job application system. In order to apply for State of Iowa jobs after April, 17, 2017, you will need to create a new NEOGOV account at the following link: https:// You may log in and create your NEOGOV account now.Please NOTE: None of your information from Brass Ring will transfer to NEOGOV and you will no longer have access to your files in Brass Ring after June 30, 2017.Each department is listed with a quick link to its main web page and a contact telephone number.

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Source: Iowa Department of Administrative Services.

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