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18 Apr

Hence, exudate management is a key issue in chronic wound therapy, particularly given that exudate from chronic wounds has a composition different from that of acute wound fluid.

Several studies have shown that exudates from non-healing wounds contain significantly elevated levels of protease activity, increased formation of free radicals, and abundant amounts of proinflammatory cytokines, while concentrations of growth factors and protease inhibitors are markedly decreased.

Instead, multiple types of dressings may be needed for a single wound over its healing trajectory.

The VENTURI Avanti has an integrated battery and switches seamlessly between either mains or battery power without any interruption to therapy.

When fully charged the system operates for a minimum of 24 hours.

They are manufactured as non-woven, fibrous sheets or rope-like packing.

The dressings have been shown to be ideal for moderate to heavily exudating wounds (Limova 2003), though they do require a secondary dressing; such as a film if the wound is relatively dry, or an absorbent pad if there is heavy exudate.