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17 Feb

At a two-day event centered on cultivating good church leadership held in Southern California, the founder of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, spoke Friday about the things he hoped will change about the modern church."We just need to decide from now on in our churches when a Middle School kid comes out to his small group leader or a high school young lady comes out to her parents," said Stanley."We just need to decide, regardless of what you think about this topic — no more students are going to feel like they have to leave the local church because they're same-sex attracted or because they're gay.Perhaps most painful of all, however, is when gay youth are rejected by their own families.Imagine having to go from an unaccepting school environment, say, to a household that’s equally unfriendly.A lot of folks only have the vaguest idea of what it means to be LGBT and are basing their comments on stereotypes.

There are no definite conclusions as to what makes a person transgender.So basically, if we would just be better Christians, everything we would like to see changed for the most part would change."Stanley's remarks came as he was part of Catalyst West, a conference that seeks to empower and prepare the rising generation of church leaders.Held at Mariners Church in Irvine in Orange County, Catalyst West focused on the theme of creating "change makers" among church leadership."Catalyst unifies change makers — equipping you with impactful content and experiences that transform thinking, provoke action and cultivate community," reads Catalyst West's website."We're challenging leaders who love the Church to break the bounds of an ordinary existence and find the courage to embrace and radiate bold change."In addition to Stanley, other scheduled speakers included Judah Smith, lead pastor of The City Church in Seattle, Washington; Jacquelline Fuller, director of; Aja Brown, mayor of the city of Compton; and Craig Groeschel, the founding and senior pastor of Life Gay youth make up a disproportionately high number of homeless teens, and no wonder: these kids often don’t have a “home” or safe place to go when coping with harassment and abuse, and may even be forced from their homes by families who can’t, or won’t, accept them. Many gay youth find support among family and friends.For those who don’t though, there are places you can turn for support.Sometimes “Q” is added to include those who are questioning their sexuality. No, human beings cannot choose to be either gay (homosexual) or straight (heterosexual).People may not mean any harm when they say irritating things to LGBT teens.A recent government survey found that 4 percent of adults aged 18-45 identified as 'homosexual' or 'bisexual.' A similar proportion of voters identify as GLB.If you define gay as having same-sex attractions or behaviors, you do get higher proportions that are a bit closer to the one in ten figure." Read more of my interview with Gary Gates.When asked about GLB population statistics, Gary J. What do you mean when you use the word 'gay'?Gates, a Senior Research Fellow at The Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, says:"That's the single question that I'm asked the most. If you mean people who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual in a survey, then the answer is that it's likely not one in ten, but closer to one in twenty.