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30 Jun

Even as the Singapore government moves to further develop practice areas such as arbitration, dispute resolution and intellectual property (IP), slowing economies and political uncertainty have resulted in lesser work for the Singapore legal profession.Law firms are also squeezed by higher operating costs, in terms of rental for instance, and intense competition. (Note: Women over age 33 will hate this rule and take great offense to it.) 12. Have two interesting, funny, DHV-filled stories from your life memorized and ready to deliver in case she’s not a talker. With this post, I want to tell you the TRUTH about these places, from someone who has been to 45 countries, and has tried to pick up women in most of them.I’ll be rating cities out of 5, for reference we’ll say London and NYC are 2s. ”) If you absolutely must ask some, keep them infrequent and spread them out over the entire conversation. If she directly asks, give her two or three generic sentences then re-direct back to her with a question.

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"Once upon a time, we were a colony with a lot of foreign lawyers here. Now, we've got to compete against the world - and they're all here again," she says with a laugh, adding that the sector has gone through its fair share of challenges over time.

I often speak up on issues that are of concern to me; there are people who wish I would shut up about them, including some folks who are nominally on my side of an issue.

I try to be pleasant with people; to some people I come across as insufferable, glib or insincere.

Outside of the realm of possible potential creepiness, you don’t get to choose how other people respond to you, either. Indeed, regardless of your efforts to present yourself in a certain way, it is almost certain you will come across to some other people as not that way at all, and possibly the opposite of that way entirely.

Let me, as I so often do for matters such as this, use myself as a good anecdotal example.