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27 Mar

If you like my videos on Youtube you gonna love this movie. Nicolas Dolteau a invité une ravissante complice pour l’assister dans ses explications.Nicolas et Ineska vous détaillent les erreurs commises par 90% des élèves, et vous montrent ce qui fonctionne.Sometimes it's nice to say a bit more about the depth and breadth of your feelings than the above, basic, statements can express.Do you want to show how deep your feelings are for your loved one?

Pick-up lines are not used by your average man, French girls wouldn’t buy it: you see, we are sceptics by nature, and also highly image conscious. As much as you may be embarrassed by your stumbling, heavily accented French, don’t be: they are suckers for your accents just as much as you are for theirs.Or maybe you want to state your love in a unique way for Valentine's Day, a marriage proposal, or in your wedding vows.You might want to use the French phase: Sometimes simply stating that you love or care for someone is not enough, even in the beautiful French language.I’m a very pragmatic guy, long talks doesn’t work for me, it reminds me boring classes at school.That’s why I built my product the same way I organize a workshop, where I teach my clients on the field how to pick up women.Let’s get things rolling in this first installment of the poly-flirt with a French anecdote. I’m lost in your eyes) – La seule chose que tes yeux ne me disent pas, c’est ton nom.Having arrived some time ago in France with a dangerously limited vocabulary, I found myself tongue-tied on more than one occasion. (The only thing your eyes don’t tell me is your name) As you see, there’s not much difference between French pick-up lines and the ones people use in bars and cafes the world over, so if you’re interested in making eyes roll on more than one continent, you know what to do. - Qare is the new online platform offering access to selected French...The Braille Legacy – “A major new musical inspired by the story of Louis Braille” - My tête à tête with Sébastien Lancrenon the man behind The Braille... - If there is one thing that I have learnt over the years it is that... - Well, one could wonder that with our very, very busy lives, we may... Whether it is the cooing of French, the rolling purr of Spanish, or the tremulous richness of Italian, come along with me, the Poly-flirt, on a tour of the romantic side of language.We will explore pick-up lines, dating customs, and humorous anecdotes about love around the world.