07 Jan

Freegal music has no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions, which means once you download the songs, they are yours to keep.

For instructions on using Freegal, download our brochure.

Download MP3 music tracks from the Sony Music catalog.

(The week runs Monday - Sunday.) Tracks are DRM-free and yours to keep.

Legally download music, up to seven songs per week from the Sony music collection, using Freegal Music, all you need is a valid Troy Public Library Card.

All music can be transferred to your portable device.


If you feel you need more assistance or are interested in taking a Freegal class, ask a librarian about scheduling a One-on-One Tech Help session.

The Freegal™ Mobile Application is a completely free and legal way to access a collection of almost 9 million MP3 songs via your local, subscribing library.

The Freegal offering includes many of today’s top artists, a fantastic retrospective collection, and music from around the world.

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