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08 Jun

During the year, the first ever documented case of Mongolia as a destination country involved two Filipina women who became victims of involuntary domestic servitude in the homes of wealthy Mongolian families after responding to online advertisements for work.Many victims originally sought employment through fraudulent newspaper or television advertisements, and traffickers continue to use technology like “TV Chat” to lure victims.

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Mongolian men, women, and children are found in these conditions in China, Macau, Malaysia, South Korea, and Hong Kong.There remain concerns about involuntary child labor in the Mongolian construction, mining, and industrial sectors, where children are vulnerable to injury and face severe health hazards.The problem of Mongolian women subjected to conditions of involuntary servitude after engaging in brokered marriages – mainly to South Korean men – continues.Mongolia wont necessarily be an easy family holiday.It is the 18th largest country in the world so you must be prepared for some travelling days if you want to experience a variety of landscapes.The summer will be much better and you will have no problems finding sex in Ulaanbaatar whether you want to try to pay for it or pick girls up in more traditional ways.Like in much of Asia there is a pretty big ‘semi pro’ scene here that hangs out at various expat bars around town.Try and do your best to not step on any local dudes toes.Survey the scene before you approach a girl and make sure she isn’t already with another guy or things could get ugly.Mongolia may have geopolitical, cultural and geographical meanings.Modern day Mongolia consists of what was historically Outer Mongolia (the province of Inner Mongolia is politically separate and is located in the northern part of China, sharing common borders with modern day Mongolia.