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05 Mar

And most Americans use or consume products produced by slave labor — everything from pet food to sushi to cell phone parts–on a daily basis. Tobia spoke to Martha Mendoza, one of a team of AP reporters who uncovered a fishing business in Indonesia that relies on slave labor to net seafood that ends up in products, including Fancy Feast cat food, calamari and imitation crab.

The men who catch the fish are kept in cages and compensated rarely, if at all.

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He also told Tobia that sexual slavery accounts for only around one fifth of slavery worldwide.

Since Tobia’s podcast originally aired in April, 550 of these men have been freed in response to Mendoza’s reporting.

Tobia also spoke to Maurice Middleberg, executive director of the NGO, Free the Slaves.

Which means that all areas related to recreational diving and snorkelling are inspected regularly.

Maintenance of equipment, qualifications of staff and the services provided must meet agreed safety standards.