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23 Jun

I sat down with Iwata to discuss just how his company intends to turn the page.

Earlier this year Nintendo recorded an operating loss for the first time in its history, what would you say the key reasons were for that and what have you been doing to react?

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My goal is that this will be the only time we record a loss.(to name but few) have helped revolutionise an industry, and so keep Nintendo’s head above water amid fierce competition from Play Station, Xbox and now Apple’s i OS games.Satoru Iwata is the man spearheading Nintendo’s future and whose hopes rest on the success of the company’s two new products, the Wii U – which features an innovative tablet-like controller and the 3DS XL, a handheld with a much bigger screen than the current 3DS model.Listed below are the games available at launch (in North America) for the Wii U.Note that publications have only just begun reviewing them, so many of the titles do not yet have Metascores. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition Transformers: Prime Warriors Orochi 3 Wipeout: The Game 3 Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 -style open world adventure Lego City Undercover.(Note that the need to obtain the day-one patch means that Wii U reviews are being published later than expected.) Additionally, the Nintendo TVii feature—which allows you to watch videos on services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and You Tube and use your Game Pad to control most DVRs in addition to providing "second screen" content for shows you are watching on your TV—will not be fully implemented until December.While many stores are reportedly sold out—forcing fans to shell out higher prices on the secondary market if they cannot wait to get the new console—the original retail price of the basic unit (white, 8GB memory) is 0, while a deluxe set (black, 32GB, includes Game Pad charging cradle and game) retails for 0.Shudder TV is a free service from the platform (so even if you’re not logged in, you can still watch) that cycles roughly eight films on loop 24 hours a day.As an added Halloween bonus, Shudder has curated a special Halloween collection featuring the films you see below, plus genre-defining fare like .Before he became Nintendo’s global president in 2002, Iwata was one of the key figures behind Nintendo’s shift from competing with the high-resolution graphics of the Xbox and Play Station brands and focusing on ‘fun to play’ gaming – an approach that hit paydirt with the Wii, which has sold just under 100m units and the DS, which sold over 150m.In 2007, on the back of these successes, US business magazine Barron’s named Iwata as one of the world’s top CEOs, but with a long gap between the Wii and the Wii U, Nintendo has struggled in the past 12 months.