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09 May

It was also alleged that she discussed at work how she used her car as a 'pulling machine'.Miss Corscadden, who earned £110,000 in the sales team of equity broker Chevreux, has told the tribunal it was Mr Lees who repeatedly propositioned her for sex and that she was humiliated when forced to wear a 'bunny girl' costume on a team-building exercise.In 1957, a New York Appeals court ruling allowed films depicting nudism to be exhibited in movie theaters in New York State.

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She is credited with having directed and produced at least thirty feature films during a career spanning over four decades, most notably in the sexploitation film genre.

In 2017 such practices should not be part of the workplace.

The Government takes this issue very seriously and will continue to work hard to ensure women are not held back in the workplace by outdated attitudes and practices.

She said when she eventually complained she was subject to 'malicious' treatment and signed off work.

The City firm, part of the Credit Agricole group, denies Miss Corscadden's claims but could pay up to £5million if she is successful.