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19 Jun

See how much happier browsing can be with the newest version. Firefox is an awesome line of defense — and with each upgrade, we include the latest security features to keep you as safe as possible. Firefox automatically creates backups of your bookmarks and saves the last 10 backups for safe keeping. Journey to a faster Firefox by taking your bookmarks and browsing history with you. The latest Firefox version includes improvements for memory usage — you could see up to 50% improvement. With each passing day, online tricksters get smarter and more proficient at hacking into your computer to get to your private information. Expected Results: Live bookmarks should update automatically, preferably with a user configurable interval.Also, as was pointed out to me, the patch in bug 261109 should be incorporated in this one -- the next time we load the feed should be the max of the cache expiry time and the ttl (if the cache expiry time is Update Livemark Children() can cause livemark Enumerator to end up confused, right? Do we have test cases for these that verify that we do the right thing in terms of timer operation and refetching for the different |user-ttl OP cache-expiry| cases?We roll them out automatically, like clockwork, in the background. Firefox always wants to give you control over your Web experience.If you know a new release is coming, and you want to check for it on your own, you can.

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How about putting something in the Options menu that looks something like this: Automatically reload Live Bookmarks: [X] On Firefox startup then every [x] minutes "Let's solve our bugs by having preferences that users have no idea how to set" is pretty much the exact opposite of Firefox.I couldn't find any documentation on whether they are supposed to or not, nor could I find any related prefs, so I'm filing it as a bug. Create a live bookmark of an RSS feed, say Slashdot. I'll make it a real "couldn't fetch the data" check. I'd suggest that the refresh rate for bookmarks (if implemented) needs to have a default time.That’s why, if you’re on Firefox 16 or later, you never have to manually check for updates again, or be bothered with approvals or progress bars!Now, when Firefox launches a great new feature, you don’t have to lift a finger.One of our favorite recently-added features is our silent update.We listened to our fans feedback and made it a priority for you.Here are instructions on how to manually update your Firefox, set your update settings and more.The key is to be on a more recent version of Firefox.For bugs in Firefox Desktop, the Mozilla Foundation's web browser.For Firefox user interface issues in menus, developer tools, bookmarks, location bar, and preferences.