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Admiralty, 23rd February, 1857 The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have established the following Regulations for the Entry of Naval Cadets, and for the Examination of Mates, Midshipmen, Naval Cadets, &c., which will come into operation in May next, instead of those now in force. - The aid of a Dictionary will be allowed for these Translations. The leading facts of Scripture and English History. Modern Geography, in so far as relates to a knowledge of the principal Countries, Capitals, Mountains, and Rivers. In addition to the subjects embraced in former Examinations he will he required to have: 1. A report of the progress he has made in each of the above subjects is to be made to the Secretary of the Admiralty in the Half-yearly Return. The Examinations under Articles X and XII are to be conducted by the officer in command, not below the rank of Commander, and the next Senior Officer in the Ship, and the Examinations in Navigation, in the presence of a Captain or Commander, by two Naval Instructors when it may be practicable, or by a Naval Instructor and a Master, or where there is no Naval Instructor by two Masters, that in Gunnery by a Gunnery or other competent officer; and at these Examinations the Candidate is to be made to take and work out his own observations for Latitude, Longitude, Variation, &c., as the case maybe. In Arithmetic - Involution, Extraction of Square Root In Algebra - Simple Equations.To write English correctly from Dictation, and in a legible hand. page 9, or he is to be rejected if found incompetent. A Midshipman, when he shall have passed the Examination referred to in Article XII, must continue to serve in that rank for a further period of two years, and having completed such two years, he may, if he has attained the age of 19 years, present himself to pass his Examination for the rank of Lieutenant, in accordance with the Forms Nos. As the above is the final Examination in Seamanship, the Examining Officers are to be most strict in their investigation of the qualifications of Officers, and they are to see that everything required by these Regulations has been complied with by the Candidate, and that he produces Certificates of good conduct from Captains he has served under for 5 years. All Midshipmen and Acting Mates will be required to undergo the following final Examinations:- l. Acting Mates who have already passed abroad are to present themselves for Examination on board the Excellent on the first* Examination Day after their arrival in England or after being paid off, and having passed in Gunnery, they are then at liberty to select either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Examination Day at the Royal Naval College. Any Officer rejected on his first Examination at the College will incur the forfeiture of three months' seniority in his rank as Mate. 58, of the 17th December, 1849, The final Examination at the Royal Naval College, established by the foregoing Regulations, for the rank of Lieutenant, shall also be extended to the Examination of Officers for the rank of Master, with the exception of the knowledge of French; and the Regulations in regard to the rejection of Candidates, shall equally apply to them. 97, of the 9th December, 1851, The foregoing Examination for the entry of Naval Cadets under 14 years of age shall be extended to Masters Assistants, between 14 and 15 years of age, and the foregoing Examination for the entry of Cadets above 14 years of age shall be extended to Masters Assistants between the 15 and 16 years of age. List of Instruments and Books which each Cadet will be required to have on entry:- Sextant. Spherical Trigonometry, the mode of solving Triangles and its application to Simple Astronomical Problems.Read More Syn Med® is a safe and accurate way to scale blister card production.Enabling Med Sync and Medication Adherence is good for patients and good for business. Candidates above the age of 14, in addition to the Examination required for those between the ages of 13 and 14, must have a knowledge of:- 1. That he has kept up a knowledge of his former instruction. That he is able to work a Day's Work by Tables as well as by Projection, to find the Latitude by observation of the Meridian Altitude of the Sun, Moon, and Star, Longitude by Chronometer, and to work an Amplitude. That he understands and can explain the use of the Sextants and Azimuth Compass, and the mode of observing with them. He must produce Log Books kept by himself from the time of entry into a Sea-going Ship, and Certificates of Good Conduct. He will likewise be examined as to his progress in the knowledge of rigging of Masts, Bowsprits, &c. Or if a Cadet by indifferent conduct or idle habits on board the Training Ship shall show his unfitness for the Service, it will be the duty of the Captain to make a special report thereof to the Admiralty, in order that the Cadet may be at once removed, from the Navy. No Cadet will be allowed so reckon more than three months of the period of his service is the Training Ship towards his future Sea Time. When a Cadet shall have served the full period of eighteen months, including the three months' time in the Training Ship, he will be eligible for the Rating of Midshipman provided he passes the following examination, in which it is to be ascertained:- 1. As Drawing will prove a most useful Qualification for Naval officers, it is recommended that Candidates for the Service should instructed therein. If the Candidate succeeds in passing the required Examination, he will be at once appointed to a Training Ship at Portsmouth or Devonport, for a period of not less than three months far the purpose of instruction in the subjects contained to Sheet No.

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