Downdating psp

03 May

* Fixed the PSPGO 6.35PRO-A can not use ef0's CTF problems * CTF version does not correspond to the system version of the theme file will appear as broken in theme list February 19, 2011 Update: *Support 6.37 download the new CXMB for 3.71-6.37: CXMB_for_3.71-6.37(Size: 7.83 KB / Downloads: 3770) source: tid=24034 CXMB for 3.71-5.50 updated by Total_Noob -This version of CXMB works for custom firmwars:3.71-5.50 -Its a Full version so you can also use it to make ctf's, make sure you use the right decrypted prx (paf.prx, common_gui.prx, vshmain.prx) from each firmware install: Copy contents of folder: CXMB_full_all_cf to your memorystick. G team Web site CXMB based on modified source code plug-ins from the new version of the theme, applicable to 3.71-6.35 all homemade system.Seeing as I spent quite alot (swedish currency sucks lols) on getting this game n it won't even work... Anyone who can help fix this black screen of death please help...-.- I wouldn't even mind if it just loaded a logo then crash at least that would be something...

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And even that is only a code-exploit, the chances of the encryption on the 2.01 firmware is buckleys or none, seeing as it uses 128-bit encryption, which is the same as like banks and stuff. Homebrew are home made apps and games that can be used to on the PSP so hombrew games include emulators and roms of most of the old Consoles Snes GBC Nes ect.

Can't see any basement hackers being able to get around that anytime soon :'( Do your self a favor and spend the money on somethink better. Dude see if ya can get a 2.0 and they higher fws will allow you to use homebrew as long as you have gta. Homebrew apps are just xtra apps that can be useful to sum ppl.

Thing is, I dumped one of my games just to see if this happens, I downgraded my PSP2000 to 6.39 and tried this. That way you can just dump your UMD into an ISO and run it off your MS.[/quote]the Best Buy Sales guy says that i CANNOT modify the Firmwire of my PSP or i will Lose my 40 dollar warranty.

I converted the game with Fake_NP 1.0, and it worked on my PSP3000 with 6.60 (PRO-C), AND my PSP2000 with 6.39. i was shocked to hear him say that because i thought he is just a regular sales i asked him if i can update my Firmware, he says the firmwire on my PSP MUST be the same as the one when it was taken out of the box, if it's changed then the warrenty is voided.image hosting 30 mbsince i own a real copy of this games, i went used Fake_NP 1.0 to make an eboot of this.• PS4 1K 2TB OFW • PS3 3K 1TB OFW • PS3 Slim (2103-B) 500GB 4.81 Rebug • PS3 Slim (2003-B) 250GB 4.81 Habib •• PS VIta 1K 32GB 3.60 HENkaku • 3x PSP 2K (TA-085v1) 128GB 6.60 ME-2.3 • 1x PSP 2K (TA-085v2) 32GB 6.60 ME-2.3 •He said that? First things first, if you update the firmware to 6.60, you're going to update it with an OFFICIAL FIRMWARE. 2nd, no-one can know if you ever installed CFW on your PSP, thanks to the installer that can UN-INSTALL the CFW anytime you want.