Domino updating search site database

24 May

In our migration, we chose to use the Disparate Namespace Model.

So let’s say our domain is, we are using Exchange.for our Exchange side and Domino.for our Domino side.

We are experiencing an issue with Word 2016 where documents do not open properly (Domino works to the point where the file is downloaded, but Word 16 then says "Invalid Document ID")Do you have any advice?

First of all, in order to get Free/Busy working, you need to go through the pre-requisites noted in the Transporter Suite documentation which you can find here.Please use your Lotus | IBM collaboration solutions registration (LDD/ user name and password to sign in to forums and wikis hosted at Note: Lotus Registration is a separate user name that is not the same as your IBM developer Works user name.(You must have cookies enabled on your browser to successfully sign in.) Our sign-in system requires a file called a "cookie" to be set.In Netscape/Mozilla, you can manage your cookies by selecting Tools - Cookie Manager.For managing cookies in other browsers, see your browser's help documentation.I have seen a lot of posts out there in which people have quite a bit of issues with Free/Busy coexistence between Domino and Exchange 2007.Neil Hobson has an excellent walk through on the site which you can find here.In Internet Explorer, you can use the Auto Complete feature to store your user name and password.With this feature enabled, a dialog box should appear when you click the Sign In button, asking if you want Windows to remember your password.Net IMAP / POP3 library* Use REST ( Data )* Write your own domino SOAP web service & call from . After 12 years running numerous business applications in Notes I am trying to deploy similar business apps on Drupal and other MS platforms and it is incredible pain in the ass!!!What took hours in Domino takes days and weeks in php/Drupal.