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12 Feb

The probe for the period from July to December covered products including those used in the automotive industry, oil and gas pipelines, cold-rolling, pipe and tube manufacturing, infrastructure and construction, general engineering & fabrication, earth-moving & mining equipment, storage tanks, low-pressure heaters and capital goods including plant and process equipment for cement and fertilisers."Our steel industry is in a critical phase with margins and profitability under severe strain primarily due to dumping at predatory prices into India," said Jayant Acharya, director (commercial & marketing) at JSW Steel.Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) may recommend provisional anti-dumping duty on the wire rod soon, sources tell CNBC-TV18.Wire rod anti-dumping duty may have a reference price for Chinese imports.The product being considered by the DGAD includes boiler pipes or line pipes used in hydrocarbon industry and casing and tubing of a kind used in drilling for oil and gas exploration.The purpose of anti-dumping duties, in general, is to eliminate injury caused to the domestic industry by the unfair trade practices of dumping so as to re-establish a situation of open and fair competition in the market, which is in the general interest of the country.

Hints & tips You can save the outputs as an electronic PDF copy by printing to a PDF printer.Imposition of the duties might affect price levels of the downstream products and consequently have some influence on relative competitiveness of these products.[on Rodrigo Santoro] His dedication is very impressive."After a thorough review of the petition, DGAD has found substantive evidence of dumping and injury to the domestic steel industry." HR steel imports from the six countries amounted to 1.46 million tonne in FY14 and are estimated to have surged more than threefold to 5.5 million tonne in FY16, based on annualised July-December figures.The domestic steel companies had claimed that the increasing imports had resulted in deterioration of their sales, production, capacity utilisation, market share and returns on capital employed.To know more about the cookies, please review our cookie notice. To enable cookies, you can see Google's Help Page here.This website uses cookies to enable access to online services, enhance your browsing experience and help us make this website better."Such unfair trade affects our viability like it has affected steel industry in the rest of the world.While the Indian steel sector is competitive, we need adequate protection from those producers/countries which get state subsidy to produce steel." "Expediting the provisional antidumping duty is the next step, which will ensure such predatory steel imports are curtailed," said H Shivramkrishnan, Chief Commercial Officer at Essar Steel India.The probe covers products such as hot rolled coils, sheets and plates, including plate mill plates.There is prima facie sufficient evidence of dumping of these steel products by these countries, which has caused significant injury to the domestic steel industry, the DGAD said in an official notification dated April 11.