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12 Jun

Is there a way to manually force Visual Studio 2005 to regenerate these files?

Is there a setting somewhere that could have gotten changed that is causing Visual Studio 2005 to no longer declare the controls I add in the *.files? -- Nathan Sokalski nj********@ The file is a VS2005-generated file and not intended for direct edit.

NET Entity Framework.aspx) is an awesome way to quickly pull data into an app. The biggest beef I have with it is that the models can get out of sync with the database and saving the EDMX file and running the “Update Model from Database…” feature doesn’t work.

I’ve been building apps for a really long time and have used all the frameworks that have come out over the years. For example, let’s say I start with this model: And I add a new table to the DB called Foo: I then go back to my app and add my new table to the model using the “Update Model from Database…” feature: And it is added to the diagram: But the corresponding object model and CS file wasn’t generated: Up until today I would have recreated the EDMX file, which is a big pain.

When available, we offer free maintenance updates to users of Eminence Designer.

"Maintenance updates" are minor revisions of the program and are identified by changing the last segment of the version number such as 1.0.1 to 1.0.2, etc.

But I discovered that there’s a context menu item called “Run Custom Tool”.

The most obvious choice is to select “Run Custom Tool” from the EDMX file, but that doesn’t do anything: If you F4 the corresponding T4 file you can see that the custom tool associated with the T4 file is: Text Templating File Generator So, I selected “Run Custom Tool” from the T4 context menu: And that generated the file: But I still didn’t have the Foo class in my object model: So I selected the “Run Custom Tool” on the “Conf Speakers. I will ping the product team to see if they can run the custom tool on the EDMX file when it is saved and recursively run on all the tt files associated with that EDMX parent.

I've never used the auto-generated designer files in Visual Studio before (it's the OCD...), but I'm trying to use them now and I don't know if this is a known problem or if I'm just SOL.

NET developer, and Visual Studio 2005 seems to have stopped declaring the controls that I add in the *.files, therefore forcing me to manually add them before I can use them in code that I write in the *vb and *vb files.

Why is it no longer automatically declaring the controls?

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