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23 Jul

Mark also leaves out accounts of Jesus’s birth, the Sermon on the Mount, and several of the most well known parables.

Mark became more popular, however, when biblical scholars discovered it was the earliest written of the four Gospels, and was probably the primary source of information for the writers of Luke and Matthew.

When I first examined the New Testament Gospels as an atheist, I was completely uninterested in their claims related to the Deity of Jesus.

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It starts by establishing the authorship date for the Book of Acts.

Moreover, because neither Jesus nor his original disciples left any writings behind, the Gospel of Mark is the closest document to an original source on Jesus’s life that currently exists.

The presumed author of the Gospel of Mark, John Mark, was familiar with Peter, Jesus’s closest disciple.

It shows us how to live with purpose and compassion. It encourages us to rely on God for strength, direction, and enjoy his love for us.

The Bible also tells us how we can have eternal life.