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Collections can be protected in a safety deposit box, which is cool, dry, dark, and theft proof. If you wish to display your framed collection, do not place items in direct sunlight.

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The value of old postcards is dependent on a number of factors, including their condition, rarity, age, and subject matter.

We have many more items available, if you don't find what you are looking for ... We are keen buyers of most types of postcards & photographs especially original collections or accumulations You may now view recent additions to our sales database. An information page to help you date your cards from the stamps used A selection of postcards for sale just one pound each. We sell a selection of albums and pages polypropylene postcard wallets in various sizes.

New Stock › We also regularly submit postcards & photographs for online auction at ebay. The list includes all types of cards many from the early 1900's both unused and posted. plus Secol products for the very best in archival storage, buy online!

Posted in 1840, the postcard's value lay in its significant age, as well as the fact that it was among the earliest cards printed and mailed. law forbade any writing on the address side of a postcard until the early 20th century.

Pioneer postcards, which were printed before July 1, 1898 in the U. The cards were used as advertising pieces (which is still done today), and often carried information about a shop or a sale. These older cards are quite valuable with individual cards sometimes bringing more than 0.