Dating pacific reloading press

12 Feb

Recently a club dedicated to their study emerged, the Antique Reloading Tool Collectors Association (ARTCA). If you have Marlin loaders in your collection, or have first hand knowledge about them, please submit theinformation so the database will be complete as possible.

Although still in the early stages of development, they have an excellent web site and some truly dedicated researchers.

I won't go through the whole litany again, but here are some of the things I have noticed over the 40 years I have been using mine (and I now own and use several.) 1st (and foremost) it is a press.

This means it is compact and only takes up a little bench (and storage) space.

Posting pictures would be a big help, but since you mention they operate on the upstroke they're fairly old.

making the Pacific somewhat obsolete by the late forties - early fifties.

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Although it was the first sucessful C frame design, other manufacturers started making better shell holders, primer feeds, down swing designs, etc.However, they still work as well today as they did back then, the only limiting factor might be that the frame is a little small for really long cartridges.If you can get used to the upstroke design they're still a good, viable press even today.Does anybody have one of these and would like to comment?I have also been looking at purchasing a Lyman 310 tong tool for my 45-70 loading. My other presses are Hornady and RCBS, but I am not partial to those makes.Antique reloading tools can be defined to encompass such things as bullet molds, powder dispensers, powder cans, primer tins, patent reloading devices, catalogs and advertising paraphernalia. Top to bottom: Remington, Maynard, Maynard, Sharps, Bridgeport Gun Implement Co. 6) Two number 5 Ideal reloaders, the older one stamped New Haven, the later one made by Marlin and marked Middlefield. 7) Powder cans of the reloading era are usually lithographed and colorful. 8) An Ideal powder flask/measure and a bullet seater for a single-shot rifle. They are often colorful, mechanically fascinating, cleverly designed and make a worthwhile adjunct to collecting cartridges or the guns that used them. 2) Another of the interesting shotshell reloaders, this one patented in 1878 by George Slocum. 3) A nice display of American Standard Shot by Colwell Lead Company. 4) This compact little pocket shotshell reloader is marked Providence Tool Company and performs all steps necessary to reload a shotshell. RCBS "JR2" RELOADING PRESS: TOOL PRIMER FEED & EXTRAS in. I also have an old Texan 12 Ga shot shell reloading press.Reloading Press Auctions - Buy And Sell Reloading Press Items.The color of the press tells allot about the age of the press. About a year and a half ago, I bought the one in the pic below for .00, but it didn't have a handle.MEC's legendary quality and reliability saves you time and money.