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13 Feb

And men, would you wait to tell your date that your unemployed, or would you tell them up front?And if you haven’t heard, I’m doing a little recession bailout of my own!Even if men aren’t expected to pay for a date, they feel pressure from women who are looking for someone who is financially stable.” So what do you think?For the women, would you date a guy who has lost his job during the recession?According to Lo Dolce, it’s extremely important to discover what you’re really passionate about during this transitional period.

In today's economy, it's not unusual for people to be out of work or between jobs, but even a man working a non-ideal part-time job while looking for and applying for work in his field is sexier than one who is content with living off mommy and daddy's hard-earned cash.On the other side of the fence, the fact that so many single men are disinterested in a woman's career credentials could point to a more old-fashioned attitude that belittles the importance of a woman's job.When you’re unemployed, one of your biggest fears is being judged by others. According to science, getting a date could be just as hard as your job search.As if losing your job doesn't suck enough, a recent survey conducted by online dating site It's Just Lunch found that 75 percent of women wouldn't even go on a date with an unemployed man. But 33 percent said there was no chance, while the other 25 percent said they would go on a date with a jobless guy."Not having a job will definitely make it harder for men to date someone they don't already know," says Irene La Cota of It's Just Lunch.Men, on the other hand, are much more accepting of unemployed women.Nearly two-thirds of men said they would have no problem going on a date with a woman who doesn't have a job, while only 8 percent said they would absolutely rule it out. Nothing is sexier than a man with a plan, but try to keep in mind that nowadays it's not so simple to land the high-paying job of your dreams. And please, if you're in a commited, loving relationship, don't kick him to the curb just because he's out of work.He is 44 and told me that the economy has hit him terribly, so he just moved back in with his parents.Now he is thinking of going back to school to get a degree in nursing or counseling. I told him, "I don't really feel a connection but I wish you luck." I mean, seriously.What woman is going to want to date a man after hearing that hard luck story?I feel bad for him, but why would I want to date a man his age who is living at home?