Dating fender reissue strats

17 Jan

I bought my first one – a ’62 bound-edge Custom Telecaster reissue – in 1985, and at one point in the early 1990s I literally could not get enough of them.I didn’t drink, smoke or drive (still don’t), and I’d save every spare penny I earned.I also mentioned that in the 1980s, the UK market did see the odd alternatively-coloured Reissue, but that this was rare.In this post, I’m going to talk about the colour Fiesta Red, and its use on the Fender MIJ ’57 and ’62 Strats forward from 1985.

After a couple years ('85), RI's were then made at the Corona facility & continue to be made there to this day. Not sure when they began using V-necks for 57 RI's? More Info: Fender RI Shop Did you try & call Fender? I have a '91 CS 57 RI & when I called them they knew nothing. if any of you have played the Signature Gilmour Strat its a tad thinner than that even.

I think it's a parts-o-caster, and not a particularly well executed one at that. Don't be too hard on yourself, we've all been took for something somewhere in life.therooster9...

JMOOCArjay_________________"Here's why reliability is job one: A great sounding amp that breaks down goes from being a favorite piece of gear to a useless piece of crap in less time than it takes to read this sentence." -- BRUCE ZINKYWelp... I went back to and looked at all their '57s and compared. You failed to mention one thing..does it play and sound?

When I had enough cash, I’d take a trip down to Denmark Street in London, by train, and buy a new offering from Fender Japan.

Nothing particularly special about London per se – the shops down there just discounted much more heavily than the ones where I lived.