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06 Jan

, the upcoming Netflix series co-created by Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari, is the most autobiographical show Alan’s ever worked on.

“I always wanted to do stories that were universal.

“We wrote an episode of the show that’s largely about our parents.

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Alan reflects on his heritage and his episode at the same time: “It’s really staggering that in one generation’s time you can go from not having enough to eat to writing jokes for a living.” Though initially based on Aziz’s book has evolved into something much different. It’s serialized, but there are also episodes that stand alone.

Even if you are working in a country with highly evolved practices, you still need other cultural influences, especially if you’re in the creative industry.

“What OISTAT especially focuses on is tapping into those cultures that don’t have much access to that knowledge at the moment.

We have no hardware to sell, no shows, no products, it is all about the generous giving of ideas and knowledge.” Based in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei, OISTAT offers theatremakers an international presence without the strictures of a guild or union – which rarely bring the same world outreach or, indeed, interests to their members.

For executive director Kathy Hong, the body’s ethos is a clear one: “No one can have enough knowledge in their profession.