Dating contracts

12 Apr

Many fathers would like to sit on the front porch with a shot gun to meet their daughter’s date.

When teens start dating it can be an uncertain time for parents.

Assemblyman Mullin Kevin Mullin, D-San Mateo, introduced the bill in February to provide the buyer of an online dating service contract the right to cancel until midnight the third business day after entering the agreement, according to the legislation.

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They specify that dating is a privilege and spell out appropriate and inappropriate dating activity.Critics say the legislation retracts existing protections against customers being locked into contracts indefinitely. support the bill, according to the analysis.“Our investigations reveal that the consumer protections have greater need in the online arena, not less,” Allen said.The law was proposed to make it easier for online-dating companies to comply with state rules, according to an analysis by the committee that reviewed the bill Tuesday. He works in the Consumer Protection Unit, a team within the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office.Here, you have noted that the contract at issue clearly obligated a person to pay the full amount even if he or she decided to terminate use of the matchmaker's services.If the person who signed the contract knowingly and intentionally agreed to this, then you are -- uh, rather, the person is -- stuck.However, after only three weeks and one match, the individual who had entered into the contract met someone -- not a client of the matchmaking service -- and no longer had need of the matchmaking service.Only about 50% of the service fee had been paid up front.Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeffrey Rosen, in a letter to the bill’s author, Mullin, on March 6, said the bill would obscure terms about the right to cancel three days after entering the agreement.“The current law requires the disclosure to be front in center in bold type just prior to payment and checkout,” Rosen said.However, I wanted something — actually, many things — in exchange for my sacrifice.When I first told Olivier that if I move to Paris I wanted a contract stating we'd have sex five to six times a day, it was a joke. Why shouldn't I make demands on which we'd both have to agree?