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28 May

PARTIZANSKE, Slovakia—For more than two decades, a store in the basement of a Soviet-style building here has sold deactivated weapons and replica Nazi uniforms to private collectors or for use as movie props.This year, it has also been a source for weapons that European security officials say were later reactivated and used by jihadists in at least two terror attacks on the continent, a chilling exploitation of Europe’s fragmented...

Topics covered include finding Sasquatch dens, traditional archery, building your own bow, #freezer function, Twisted Stave blog, elk hunts that become grouse hunts, what is a “self bow,” Orion Chronicles TV show, Appalachian backpack whitetail hunting, Backcountry College videos, broken “give a chit filter”, snake fears for fetish, antelope meat myths, hunting public land in the East, hunting jungles of Northern Idaho, Rocky Mountain Black Bear Trifecta, hunting in grizzly country, how NOT to behave when you have a bear encounter, bad hunting luck, stupid things we do while hunting, fearless black bears, elk hunting grouse stories, small game pleasures, whitetail winter range, tag filling pressures, multiple hunting motives, hunt for your own reasons, AOH Adult Onset Hunters, camping as the gateway drug, backcountry as a relative concept, high country rattlesnakes, planners v.LITTLE ROCK – Commissioners with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission received a briefing last week on the public response from hunting regulations the agency proposed.The AGFC provided an online survey this year for public input. Dating back to 1998, just over 7,000 people attended the agency’s general hunting, turkey and waterfowl public meetings.There are a lot of factors to be considered when giving a nickname to someone.When giving someone a nickname, it’s best to make sure that they are cool with it, whether it’s cool nicknames or innocent nicknames.• Allowing AGFC to immediately relocate wildlife being given improper care by rehabilitators, such as being kept in inhumane or in unhealthy conditions.Prohibit possession of native wildlife pets by rehabilitators except under certain conditions.Ypsilanti Players: The Ypsilanti Players were started in 1915 by Daniel L. This article was originally published in the 1976 issue of the Gleanings. James Mann describes the dedication including the keynote speaker, General William Westmorland.The Ypsilanti Players group was the third community theater in the United States, following Boston and Chicago. Walter Owen Briggs: Jan Anschuetz was surprised to learn that Walter Briggs was born in Ypsilanti on North River Street, close to her current residence. The Dynamics: In the 1950s a music style called the rhythm and blues was making its way across America.The Chautauqua Movement - More of the Story: Jack Minzey provides some additional information about the Chautauqua Movement and his involvement with monitoring Michigan institutions of higher education.Gone but Not Forgotten - Ypsilanti Area Dairies: Out Interns provide a glimse of the dairies that existed in the Ypsilanti area until the middle 1900s.