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Mr Westwater told Mr Edgar Prais, prosecuting, that he was so terrified of Mc Fadyen, whom he had previously employed as a bouncer, that he had been wearing a bullet-proof vest and flanked himself with minders since the day of the attack.

Lord Cullen told Mc Fadyen: ''You have taken advantage of a woman very much under the influence of drink and it is quite plain you were determined to have your way with her at whatever cost -- in this case a brutal assault after which you abandoned her.'' During the trial Mr Westwater, 24, said he met Mc Fadyen at Carnegies pub in Paisley and they saw Mrs X fall over a table and appearing drunk.

- A bouncer who tried to prevent a man from being beaten at a bar in Miami Beach received more than a dozen stitches on his hand and arms after he was struck with a broken bottle. Saturday at The Playwright Irish Pub at 1265 Washington Ave.

The bouncer, Juan Flores, is hoping that someone will recognize the two attackers in cellphone footage of the fight and turn them in to police."There's people out there that care for others and try to save them, and that's me," Flores said. Police said the men showed up moments later, armed with a PVC pipe and a bottle.

The men, including the original victim, eventually ran out of the pub, leaving Flores with deep cuts on his hands and arm and the bartender with a possible broken nose."I'm not trying to be someone that I'm not, but I'm just someone that tried to help out.

But I would like the bad guys to get out of the street," Flores said.

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We couldn’t actually have any of it, but we were trying to soak it up, sense what was different and new and let it inspire us. But at the same time there was a punk and new-wave scene rising up in Prenzlauer Berg [a residential neighborhood in East Berlin]; all these kids spiking up their hair and wearing eyeliner.Three days after the fight, Flores said he is still feeling the pain."My girlfriend, right now, she’s helping me with getting dressed, taking a shower, opening doors (and) doing things that I can't do now," Flores said. Police said they forced their way into the bar, starting an all-out brawl."People started screaming, chairs flying, bottles," Flores said.Flores was working the door at The Playwright on Saturday night when he said a man came running in asking for protection, telling him that two men were trying to jump him."I said, ' OK, OK. Flores and a bartender tried to stop the fight, but the attackers just kept fighting them.Many folks wait hours and then, with no explanation, get politely asked to step aside and go elsewhere. That would be this man, Sven Marquardt, 52, who has run security at the club since it first opened in 2004. Marquardt, while not working the door, is a distinguished photographer who has published three art books and a memoir, Recently, we sat down with Marquardt at a coffee shop in Berlin, where, through a translator, he talked about his photography, his personal style, and, somewhat reluctantly, what it takes to get into Berghain. I spend two nights a week working the door at Berghain—Friday and Saturday, when the club is in full swing—and the rest of the week I wake up naturally at A. After this interview with you, I’m headed to the Hackesche Höfe [a commercial area in Berlin], where I’m shooting some photos for Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke, a menswear designer who used to own a fashion label called Edsor Kronen that specialized in ties, bow ties, and handkerchiefs. You grew up in East Berlin, and Berghain itself seems to be a very East German sort of place—it specializes in minimalist German techno, it exists in a massive East German power station.Does your upbringing influence how you look at the world? On the one hand, everything seemed so quiet and peaceful—you kind of forgot that there was this weird political party that controlled and governed everything.Mr Westwater said that Mc Fayden had threatened him into giving him a lift home in his car.Mr Westwater said Mc Fadyen got into the car with the woman and directed him to the service road.Ed dropped two new singles earlier in January, surprising fans after taking a year long break from the music industry.His new album ÷ (pronounced divide) is out on March 3.But contrary to popular belief, bouncers and door guys do not wake in the afternoon and think of ways to ruin your night. If you’re white and talking to a black bouncer, you’re racist. Believe it or not, if the door guy doesn’t let you in, it’s not personal. However, the people we’ve dealt with unknowingly (in some cases knowingly) seem determined to get on our bad sides.