Dating a banker anon

11 Jun

Typically they aren’t dating material but they’re fun for a tailgate environment.Anyways, the Busch Light and Fireball was flowing all day leading up to this night kick.At approximately PM or 2.5 hours before kickoff, the tailgate is out of control.We decide to pack up and begin our walk to the stadium.Have no fear, elite private dating club Social Concierge is offering free consultations all over the capital to financial workers left emotionally numb by high-flying careers.With their big bonuses and fast-paced lifestyles it’s hard to believe that bankers struggle to find love.

The Times ran a correction today noting that they were misled into believing that the group was truly aimed to help people instead of the naked attempt at a book deal it actually publicity) told us she “can’t figure out what went on there, because we were clear.” Though the Times tape-recorded interviews with the girls about how they were a support-type group with 30-some-odd loose members, Crowell alleges: “They made that up.” The paper did acknowledge that the website was, to some extent, “tongue-in-cheek.” And Crowell says that the whole concept of DABAgirls is “80 percent true, and we exaggerate some parts to make it funnier.” “The [Times] needs to understand the definition of satire,” she sniped. That’s like saying David Sedaris’s life never happened. They would have done a better job reporting.” But it’s clear the impression that the Times gave, that it was an earnest support group with real members, was more helpful to Crowell and Petrus’s ambitions. The cocktails and clubs, and zipping about overpriced, blinging restaurants in expensive world capitals! (Note: this may not be common to all investment bankers, but this particular IB stocked some kick-ass moisturiser in his otherwise empty apartment. His eternal absence took its toll – I took it as a warning signal when I began to count his secretary among my closest correspondents – and we parted ways most amicably, if over the phone (I couldn’t pin him down to a face-to-face, what with the markets how they were). Though he may have been master of the universe, his life was at the whim of market forces, over which he lacked any semblance of control. See, the way things have gone for bankers of late, I feel a bit like I stepped out with Satan. Don’t get me started on the hair conditioner.) The point is, if money is the root of all evil, bankers were its boom-time shoots. In my defence, I did so before the bottom fell out of the banking system and bankers the world over were suddenly out of favour, and long before the services of Dating A Banker Anonymous, a purported support group recently set up online for girlfriends of bankers coping with the downsizing of their bling-ed lives post-economic crash, were required.This is part of what makes it so bizarre when bankers become the villains in our national consciousness: er, bankers? Yet within the banking catch-all, there are grades of evil too, and though bankers are bad and currently the popular choice as The Ones That Got Us Into This Mess, investment bankers are truly the devil incarnate. Then they lost it all spectacularly, overnight, and ended up on Wanted posters all across town.You’re telling me that those suit-dressing, briefcase-toting number pushers and money counters have brought about the destruction of life on the planet as we know it? Last week I dined with a friend in a similarly high-stakes, big-bucks line of work, who told me he’d finally seen the light. You know, the kind that’s hand-crushed from virgin sea algae and is valued at about €50 a squirt? His job, or more accurately his life, went thus: Wake up. Free fancy face products can only go so far, after all, and I decided to call it a day.But tomorrow night financiers can book an appointment with dating guru and Social Concierge founder Nana Wereko-Brobby at Canada Square’s Parlour bar for some no holds barred advice on finding “the one”.Social Concierge’s annual membership fee of up to £6,000 buys a monthly blind date and a chat with Wereko-Brobby, where she grills clients on their habits, hopes and dreams to pin down their ideal match.The page you requested cannot be displayed because you do not have access to this forum or this forum is currently offline.If you wish to access this forum, please contact the administrator of this site.