Daniel radcliffe dating rosie coker orca updating pngs

08 Jul

Daniel Radcliffe has taken to writing sonnets for his girlfriend Rosie Coker.

The ‘Harry Potter’ actor, who is in New York, filming ‘Kill Your Darlings’ spends his free time writing poetry for his production Actor Daniel Radcliffe fears his fans who think he is cool will be disappointed when they meet him.

Daniel Radcliffe may have split from girlfriend Rosie Coker in October, but reports suggest he is no longer a single man.

Sources say he was kissing Kill Your Darlings co-star Erin Darke at a party in a vodka lounge in Utah on Friday – and he reckons playing gay poet Allen Ginsberg in the film has made him more attractive to the ladies.

The 22 year old tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper Coker has given him a deadline of two years to be "like a fully-functioning human being around the house." He adds, "I think it means I have to be able to cook for myself better than I can at the moment, and it means that I can't leave the house in a state the way I do." Radcliffe insists he is taking the ultimatum seriously: "I have made it my mission to improve myself. She's (Coker) busy, I'm busy, but we're making it work and it's good.

She's helped me grow up, and I love her very much." » Daniel Radcliffe's girlfriend has ordered him to be tidier.

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Before splitting up, the couple had been living in sin in Radcliffe's .3M apartment in the West Village.There was never a concentrated effort to try and conceal her from the world, but that’s just how it ended up.It just sort of happened that way in the end.” Radcliffe, though, didn’t stick to the script over the summer, when he was photographed arm in arm with a mysterious brunnette in London.The 21-year-old actor is hapless around the home so Rosie Coker – who he has been dating for two years – has given him a deadline to improve his domestic skills.He said: "She says I have a deadline of two years to be a fully-functioning human being around the house.“I wasn’t trying to keep it secret, that’s the thing,” Radcliffe said of his long-time relationship with Coker that was only outed publicly a little bit earlier.“Everyone’s like, ‘Wow, how did you keep that so quiet? I just do my job and I go home, we go out to a restaurant but we don’t go anywhere that there’s going to be paparazzi. So, we just kind of hang out with friends and have dinner.While happy to tackle the critics head on, Radcliffe worries he is too geeky and a letdown for his followers, reported Daily Star."It's bizarre when you meet people and they really do feel like they know you.They had dated for a couple years after meeting on the set of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” where she worked as a production assistant. She won’t want to talk about it,” Coker’s father, Malcolm, tells the Mail. “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend of more than two years, Rosie Coker.