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01 Aug

These latter ran no risk in bearing testimony to facts that came under their observation, whereas the witnesses of Christ were brought face to face daily, from the beginning of their apostolate, with the possibility of incurring severe punishment and even death itself. Stephen was a witness who early in the history of Christianity sealed his testimony with his blood.

The careers of the Apostles were at all times beset with dangers of the gravest character, until eventually they all suffered the last penalty for their convictions.

These are the Rainy River, the Pigeon River, Lake Superior, the St. Lawrence River from Kingston, Ontario, to the Quebec boundary just east of Cornwall, Ontario.

The great majority of Ontario's population and arable land is located in the south.

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When, however, Henry VIII became inflexibly determined to put away his first wife, Mary, who was deeply attached to her mother, also fell into disfavour, and shortly afterwards, in 1531, to their great mutual grief, the mother and daughter were forcibly separated.

During Anne Boleyn's lifetime as queen, the harshest treatment was shown to "the Lady Mary, the King's natural daughter", and wide-spread rumours affirmed that it was intended to bring both the princess and her mother to the gallows.