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08 Feb

Finn said on Sunday: "I think you'd be a bit worried if it was someone who was less experienced, I suppose, and hadn't experienced these conditions before and spent time in the middle because that's important.

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To mark the day, various events were organized in presence of local representatives, social activists, general members, associated all level officials and volunteers. A concept paper was …Read More » “In order to protect the people from harmful effect of tobacco, excessive taxation on tobacco products will be proposed in the next budget session at the National Parliament.”, said Alhaj Nurul Islam Chowdhury, Member of the National Parliament while he was present in a human chain organized by YPSA.

The security forces in the region are more likely to protect the rapists than the tribal population.

The government of Bangladesh has moved hundreds of thousands of settlers into the Chittagong Hill Tracts, home to eleven tribes collectively known as Jummas.

The team includes about 40 officials from Department of Social Services.

They attended a sharing meeting at YPSA Conference room.