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23 Feb

In the photographs of Anthony Hernandez, there are no swaying palm trees or cinematic sunsets.Instead, for half a century, this born-and-bred Angeleno has trained his unblinking lens on another L. — a city of the aged, of the working class, of the destitute.O’Toole says some of that may have to do with the fact that Hernandez doesn’t teach and receive the institutional support other artists have.When you have a Leica M and one or a few lenses, you have all you need.

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“They’re not very accommodating, especially Los Angeles.”For much of the 20th century, street photography was often associated with the dense cities of Europe and the Northeastern United States — particularly New York, where figures such as Diane Arbus, Bruce Davidson and Helen Levitt elevated the act of the impromptu street shot into high art.But Hernandez — now 69, and looking stately with a crown of white hair — helped give the form a distinctly Los Angeles cast.“What Anthony did is to think about what street photography would mean in Los Angeles,” says Erin O’Toole, associate curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.“He taps into the geography, into the way people use the streets, the way that they function in public.” For the last half-dozen years, O’Toole, also born and raised in Los Angeles, has been organizing Hernandez’s first-ever museum retrospective, which opens at SFMOMA this weekend.Our Mini Slider™ / Mini Video Slider™ camera-movement systems are sexy, strong and easy to use. The Mini Slider is a must-have tool for keeping "over the shoulder" compositions and salvaging those difficult close quarter camera positions we find ourselves in all the time.The 30-Inch Mini Slider can be a life saver in the fast-paced world of television. It can easily nest into small areas like a closet or vehicle.Latinas, when they do get on film, are most likely to be depicted in sexualized ways. But "Her" left me feeling unsettled, and it had nothing to do with those horrible high-waisted pants Joaquin Phoenix wore. Decorum and the bucket of popcorn in my lap prevented me from doing so. is currently 48.5% Latino, part of a growing list of American cities that are majority minority.Seen here: Michelle Rodriguez in "Fast & Furious 6." (Giles Keyte / Universal Pictures) When Spike Jonze's movie "Her" came out last year, it was buzzed about for its dystopic take on a society where people have affairs with their phones and its vision of a near-future L. But it's worth noting that I wasn't the only one to notice. So how could a movie that envisions our city's near-future pretty much leave Latinos, and other underrepresented minority groups, completely out of the picture?The biggest difference between our conventional Sliders (with 12-inch wide channels) and the 5-Foot and 6-Foot Mini Sliders (with 8-inch wide channels) is the footprint.The conventional wide-channel Slider is heavier, and is therefore particularly suited for camera car work and second dolly or multiple camera applications.And the super sexy song in the background is "Something Bigger, Something Better" by Amanda Blank.Whether it's with the help of a dolly, crane, or helicopter, film comes alive through the movement of the camera.