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25 Mar

But despite the variety, women's 1920s fashions all broke free of the physical and social constraints of the previous century.

The boyish, or garçonne look, was quite popular from 1925-1926 and again from 1928-1929.

When he's interested in something, he goes after it and, once he's got you — he will hold on. Here are 23 completely logical, maybe not-too-obvious, reasons to date a guy who wears glasses.He’s the dude you go to bed with expecting mediocrity only to find unexpected fireworks between the sheets.He's the guy you tend to underestimate, but who pleasantly surprises you.The chemise type dress was popular from 1925 to 1928 or 1929.The chemise (French for shirt) hung straight down to the knees.We all know that there is no actual hierarchy of manhood, right? But more Asian-Americans are reaching a higher profile position in society. The notions of what it takes to be a man, as depicted in pop culture, are very superficial, one-dimensional, and adolescent. IDEAS: “Big Little Man” places a lot of importance on the strength of Asian male athletes, which is arguably a very one-dimensional sense of manhood. TIZON: As a young man, I strove for a superficial ideal.He might seem shy, unassuming or inexperienced, but he’s usually full of unanticipated charm.He'll make you feel wanted, make you happy and set up a net of safety you never knew you wanted.Perhaps the most important aspects of manhood and personhood have nothing to do with the physical aspects of the body.Our society is increasingly obsessed with bodies, and I think we have to acknowledge that.