Beastialty chat lins

02 Jul

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Ever going famous relatively easy to plenty of success on the screen, but doesn't.Its user base consists of various cliques of cam whores, faggots, emos, older guys seeking younger girls, and other miscellaneous, lonely people who have no IRL friends.The chat rooms are teenspot's pride and glory (fuck the forums).Lawrence was into every major pedophilia subset there is, whether it was infantilism (acting as an adult baby) to child necrophilia.His chat-log is not for the faint of heart, and we recommend anyone who has a risk of an emotional trigger from these sorts of subjects to certainly avoid reading his chat-log at all.Thanks largely in part to deep-cover Anonymous, the knowledge of the workings of the chat rooms has been greatly expanded.It is currently believed to be the most effectively exploitable area of Teenspot, with the potential for epic lulz.#Singles and #Gay Les Bi, with well over 3000 and 100 users at peak hours respectively, are teenspot's highest trafficked rooms.The majority of these users are, sadly, pedophiles pretending to be all sorts of fucked up things, who believe that the best way to capture someones attention is to spam in ALL CAPS and very bright colors about how big their penis is--"PM me for RP ladies"--using the exact same format as everyone else, because apparently lolis find originality to be repugnant.There are twenty-nine public channels on teenspot and a couple hidden ones such as #911 or the much fabled #private-roleplay.As of 2011, most of its chat rooms are dead save for a few, included in the rooms mentioned below.