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04 Feb

However, I pointed out that it is the inter-cultural contribution that makes the progress in America possible, including those made by Indians. Today, the largest unit in use is century, long before the European mathematicians.The following includes a few of the points I made in answer to such questions. The place value system and the decimal system were developed in India in 100 BC.The government was the logical choice for doing it, but it was strapped for resources.While traveling and giving lectures in India in the winter of December, 2002, a few questions that were presented to me was how America seems to be so progressive, as if it is the Americans themselves and their lifestyle that should be followed. The Sun founder also had an Indian Professor in Computer Technologies at Louisiana State University. Who is the creator of the Pentium chip (needs no introduction as 90% of the today's computers run on it)? The Greeks and Romans contented themselves with rather small numbers, while Hindus (the then inhabitants of the land of Sapta-Sindhu) used units as big as 10 raised to the power of 53 with specific names as early as 5,000 BC, during the Vedic period.It is now one of India's top IT companies and a world-class player at the global level.There is one man who is almost single-handedly responsible for making this miraculous transition from soaps to software happen: Mr Azim Premji.If you have just gotten used to popular acronyms like YOLO, IDK, LIT, FAM, and phrases like savage, high-key, low-key, squee, etc here’s more that you can add to your list.The millennials are coming up newer phrases and acronyms every year and you have to keep yourself informed about them in a bid to keep up with the pace.

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In 1945, Muhammed Hashim Premji incorporated Western Indian Vegetable Products Ltd, based at Amalner, a small town in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra.

10 lakh crore) and Nadar comes in on the 17th spot with .6 (Rs. Two Indian-American technology czars Symphony Technology Group CEO Romesh Wadhwani and founders of IT consulting and outsourcing company Syntel Bharat Desai and his wife Neerja Sethi are also on the list.

Forbes said Premji, who heads India's third-largest outsourcer, Wipro has been on a buying spree in the past year to boost growth.

66,000 crore) to fund entrepreneurship initiatives in India.

Forbes said despite a tumultuous year for the stock market, "it was a good time to be a tech billionaire".