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17 Jun

Audrina finds herself conflicted with her relationship with her on-again/off-again boyfriend Justin Brescia, while Bosworth and the female Pratt are depicted as mutual friends of all.

There's so much more that no one really knows about," she says.The Hills focuses on the lives of Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth, Heidi Montag, and Stephanie Pratt.After receiving widespread criticism after having ten cosmetic surgery procedures in one day, Montag unveils the results to her family.Upon the conclusion of their month-long morning marathon of The Hills, titled "Retro MTV Brunch", MTV aired an alternate ending to the series on August 9, 2013.The scene replaced the original backlot clip with footage of Jenner and Conrad talking in his apartment.She's unapologetic, unfiltered and has strong opinions.I mean, she's loud, but also winning because she's fiercely protective of her kids. Some tears are shed, a loving embrace, cue the acoustic montage and off she goes in her limo to Euro… Of course, we can see why the producers probably went against this ending, as rumors were already rampant about Brody's mystery lady being then girlfriend Avril Lavigne. This morning, Retro MTV took fans of the hit show on the ride of their lives as they revealed the shocking, secret, alternate ending to the series for the first time. Brody Jenner, strolling up to Kristin Cavallari's house, basically telling her that he would've never gotten together with his new "mystery lady" if he knew it would mean she would leave. In an alternate universe, Brody was filmed returning to his mystery girlfriend, who DUN DUN DUNNNN turned out to be none other than Kristin's reality nemesis Lauren Conrad!!That part is universally relatable." The post-incident is also addressed immediately in the first episode and, oh yes, tears are shed.Audrina Patridge's mom apologizes for profane rant "It was something my mom was very embarrassed about," Patridge says.