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09 May

Brown tried to get USA Taekwondo — the Olympic national governing body for the sport — to ban Gitelman from coaching, restricting his access to young athletes. “At the time, I didn’t know what you were doing to me was sexual abuse. A few months later, another former Gitelman student told Brown that the coach coerced her into sex when she was 15.

USA Taekwondo officials believed her, court records show, but didn’t ban Gitelman out of fear of a lawsuit. I craved your attention, and I wanted to please you. Concerned Gitelman would move on to another student, Brown wrote a Facebook post in the summer of 2013, warning Gitelman’s students and their parents about the coach.

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The documents describing a coach’s sexual abuse of three aspiring Olympic athletes circulated through U. She was 16 and her taekwondo coach — Marc Gitelman, or “Master G” — was 44. Over the next three years, Brown wrote, her coach forced her to have sex dozens of times: at hotels before tournaments, at his studio, in his car. Lyons then forwarded the documents to three USOC executives, including chief executive Scott Blackmun.

A few months later, Brown and the two other victims approached Las Vegas police.

Then, Brown contacted USA Taekwondo, hoping the Olympic body would ban Gitelman from coaching while police investigated.

'My colleague tried to get the man out of the hotel and this turned into a fight. As it happens the receptionist also practises jiu-jitsu so they were equally matched.'Belgium's Olympic communications director Luc Rampaer said: 'The mobile phone of Dirk's training partner had just been stolen and he ran to try to catch the thief and ended up being hit in the face by another person.' Earlier Van Tichelt had tried to claim the black eye was the result of his Olympic event but pictures of him standing on the podium during the awarding ceremony showed the bruise not present after his win.

RIO de JANEIRO — In tribute to everyone’s favorite guessing game Wednesday at the 2016 Olympics, herewith this twist on the Where’s Waldo game: Where’s Ryan Lochte? Making it all the sweeter, as Rollins would say: “We are genuinely friends.” The victory also made for the first gold medal for the 2016 U. A quirky point of contrast: in Tuesday night’s men’s 110m hurdles final, the Americans were shut out of the medals the first time in a non-boycotted Games.