Amir khan dating katie price

05 Jul

I'm not against joint families – but when you have your own space you can be more independent and I think there are fewer problems."For some cultures, the daughter-in-law is there to have babies, to cook and clean.They don't see that she can be an independent woman, that she can go out and work, and that husbands can help with the babies,"says Faryal.

She made allegations of verbal and physical abuse amid conflicting expectations as to the role of a daughter-in-law in the family.

Amir Khan's 'paranoid' wife has given the boxer an ultimatum to choose between her or his family after months of infighting and rows.

Faryal Makhdoom banned the boxer from attending his younger brother Haroon's wedding because she still can't forgive him for comparing her to Michael Jackson.

And she fears more sex tapes of her husband could emerge, putting further pressure on their relationship.

A source close to family said she was 'controlling and bossy' and tracking his every move.