Am i dating the wrong person

26 Jul

If you find that your friends seem to bail on plans as soon as you mention your significant other will be in attendance, consider if they’re trying to subtly hint at something.

Maybe they really just don’t see what you see in this person, but maybe they’re not blinded by infatuation and can see that this person isn’t treating you as well as you deserve.

Of course, there are some basic qualities that everyone should steer clear of in a new partner.

Being overly jealous, controlling, or possessive are never good signs.

Well, let this serve as a warning to you because you may have just fallen victim to the dreaded, “My Space Angles.” The My Space Angles phenomenon isn’t one that is new but is a growing concern for men, young and old, across the globe.

Photography-savvy young ladies are utilizing crafty camera angles and even photo software to weave a type of black magic onto their likenesses that would rival even the most forgiving Glamour Shots photographers of the old days.

They will fight to the bitter end to confirm to you, who holds all the power in your relationship.

If you’re wondering if you’re with the wrong person, here are some signs you just might be: This is the most subtle of the signs, because that feeling of “not rightness” can be something going on at work, or crappy weather, or what you ate for lunch, but it also might be your relationship.

The way that her hair falls over her shoulder as she gives you that sultry-but-oh-so-innocent look in the photo that she sent you which drives you wild.

You can hardly believe that you have found a creature that is so beautiful, yet so deep and really into your interests as well.

However, if you’re aware that your partner doesn’t respond well to criticism, especially those of which are their insecurities, don’t keep feeding it down their throat, as they will be less likely to make an effort in any other area of the relationship.

He or she just refuses to back down on their agenda, almost always making you feel like you have to submit to them.