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20 Jun

Seeking: understanding, honest, responsible, caring and loving man 30 or more, no max age.

Prefers non-drinker, smoker doesn't matter too much. Hobbies: reading, writing, cooking, housekeeping, and outings. Singing, dancing, and reading books Complete this sentence: I'm seeking a good man who is about 30 to 60 years old who is ... Describes herself: I have a brown complexion, I'm honest, loving, caring, understanding and faithful. Hobbies: strumming guitar, singing, dancing, sewing dresses and cooking.

Ignore the advertising banner at the top of the page, scroll down a little and look at the photos and read about each person.

You can join Pen Pals as a Standard Member completely for free — this is really easy too.

Before you reject a lady, because of her appearance in these photos, write and ask her for current pictures. Delia has never married, no children , college education and is a devoted Catholic. Self description: simple, honest, humble, understanding, loving, caring. Self description: kind, honest, understanding, hardworking, sincere, loving and God fearing.

Also, if you are not of the age, race, nationality, religion or whatever she asks for, try anyway! Seeking friendship and possible lifetime partner who loves the Lord and does not drink to excess or smoke. She is seeking a man who is responsible, loving, honest, caring and faithful who is between 30-49 and is a Christian. Dislikes: people whose minds are filled up with negative thoughts. Born 12-3-81, Roman Catholic, Height 5', Weight 90 lbs., black hair, brown complexion, education: High School Graduate.

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Using a penpals dating site such as Pen Pals (see the profiles finder on the right of this page) has a lot of advantages over a tradional dating site.

So, now that you are aware of the advantages of penpals dating as opposed to traditional dating sites and their approach, all you have to do is get started. Just use the profiles finder on the top-right of this page and make the choices of who you are looking for and select the age range.

Then click the ‘Go To Profiles’ button and you will be taken directly to a list of people who fit your criteria and who are available as dating penpals.

Most guys spend no time improving their skills with hot women, and then they end up chickening out when the time is right to approach a Hot Women.

They'd rather sit back and talk about what they WOULD do, but not actually muster up the courage to DO IT.